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Managing Generation Gap

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Content | Page | 1.0 Executive Summary | 1 | 2.0 Background of Study | 2-6 | 3.0 Problem Statement | 6-8 | 4.0 Research Question | 8 | 5.0 Objectives of Study | 8 | 6.0 Literature Review | 8-9 | 7.0 Discussion | 9-12 | 8.0 Recommendation | 12-15 | 9.0 Conclusion | 15 | 10.0 References | 16 | 11.0 Appendix 1 – Organizational Chart | |

1.0 Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to study the differences and similarities of four generations of FELDA workers and the implication of it to the organization’s competitiveness. FELDA has been chosen for the study because it is a unique organization involved widely in business as well as community development in 319 Felda Settlements. With a total employee of 3,990 people working locally and overseas it is truly a challenging task for the management to keep pace with the diversity in the workplace. As we want to have an effective relationship with other human beings, we must at least know them well as a single individual. Each of us has our unique background, personal characteristic, preferences, and style. The knowledge of generational information is tremendously significant in...

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