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Managing Money

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The purpose of this report is to outline and analysis the financial decision to survive when using charity fund and also to raise money for the charity. The chosen charity that the group has chosen is Save the Children. The sector which this charity operates in is the children’s charities. Save the Children is the world’s independent children’s charity.

The purpose of this charity is to change lives for children on the long term. They focus on achieving four core rights for children. These include:
1) Health
2) Freedom from hunger
3) Education
4) Protection

Save the Children intends to inspire people around the world to take action to save children’s lives, create movement for change and to give children the voice they all deserve. This charity disagrees with the fact that millions of children’s do not have proper healthcare, education, food and protection. They aim to get every child’s their rights and determine to make a substantial change. Their mission is to fights for children’s rights; deliver immediate and lasting improvement to children’s lives worldwide. Save the Children website states they “We share our vision and mission with our partners in the International Save the Children Alliance.”
Their future vision which they look forward to is to respect and value each children, listen to children’s and give them hope and opportunity.

The aim for the group is to make a large sum of money for the charity, to develop new skills when setting up this charity and also to hopefully change the world. These are the main aims for the group members whilst doing this fund raising activity.

The reason why this event wants to support the Save the Children charity is because they aim to come up with long lasting solution to ongoing problems which affects the poor children. They inspire students to make a change for young children. Many respondents stated...

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