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April 29, 2012

Rotating Leaders: Orpheus Orchestra Case study Week 8

What would business organizations such as Kraft Foods gain from observing Orpheus in action?

Kraft could see first hand how an organization like Orpheus works in a self governed, collaborative team environment where there is no set leader. Orpheus is committed to excellence and it is a leadership by committee organization. This atmosphere enhances creativity amongst its members but not in a chaotic fashion. This is because they are all committed to the mission of bring fine music to their constituencies. A company like Kraft and others can observe and figure out a way to structure parts of their organizations in order to create the same atmosphere of accountability, teamwork and shared leadership. This would flatten the organization and create a more entrepreneurial spirit in an otherwise traditional organization.

Orpheus rotates the concertmaster position among core-group members. What is the logic of rotating the leader?

The rationale behind the rotation is that everyone in the group is heard and as they stated, it alleviates some of the pressure of people getting their way all the time. By rotating the core-group members, there is no power base or cliché that is formed that could potentially dominate the course and direction of the group. It also enables different members of the group the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. It is imperative that all of the group members be equipped with that skill because they are all leaders and they represent the group as a whole. Also, by rotating the leaders, each person understands the importance of staying on task and not being bogged down by a particular discussion or decision. So when it is your turn to moderate the group and you instruct the group that it is time to move on, everyone...

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