Managing Staff

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Managing Staff
Leticia Briggs
February 2, 2014

The role of Health Care Manager’s is a very important role to take on. It consist of overseeing financial report’s, directing investment activities, and preparing cash management strategies. Managers also play an important role in mergers and consolidations, global expansions and financing to reduce risks and maximize profit (Crainer&Dearlove, 2004). Depending on the type of facility and the size of medical facility Health Care Manager’s supervise, plan, and organize all decisions made within the facility including taking responsibility in staff ore funds for their salary member’s duties.
Cost is tied to staffing in Health Care because if you have many staff, then you need more funds for their salary and where will you get that except in rising cost of health care services. This task takes a lot of consideration. With the patient volume this is when staffing calculations is used to calculate coverage of all periods of times. Since medical staff members working all day that means shift would change every eight to twelve hours. The method is a basic 40 hour work week. Cost is also tied to staffing due to costly patient errors a 2003 study showed the cost of care for patients who developed pneumonia in the hospital rose 84 percent. Adequate Nurse Staff has been shown to reduce these events as is evidenced in the following research in 2007. Agency for Health Research and quality study found higher Registered Nurse staffing was associated with less hospital related mortality, failure to rescue, cardiac arrest, and hospital acquired pneumonia and other adverse events. A 2006 study in health affairs found that increases in Nurse staffing resulted in…...