Managing Staff

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Managing Staff

June 16, 2013
HCA/270 Financial Matters For Health Care Professionals

Managing Staff
Healthcare services administration has several roles in a facility, which depends of course on the type of facility and the size of medical facility. Overall administrators supervise, plan, and organize all decisions made within the facility. This also includes taking responsibility in staff members’ duties. Managers are also in charge of finance, accounting, marketing, policy, budgeting, and most important human resources.
How are costs tied to staffing?
Obtaining control of labor staff cost in a medical facility is not as simple as saying the sky is blue. This task takes lots of consideration. There would always be patient volume, once again depending on what type of practice it is, staffing calculations are actions used to calculate coverage all periods of times. Since some medical staff members work all day this means shifts would change every eight to twelve hours. The method is a basic 40 hour work week. That’s saying if someone is working twelve hour shifts they would work three in half days which would add up to 40 hours a week. Or if its eight hours shift they would work five days a week.

Why annualize staffing?
Annualizing is important because employees work hard and deserves their time off such as vacation time, also if due to an emergency an employee could gain personal/sick days. Annualized is based on hours accumulated based around a yearly method. This method of annualizing is important because the staff member won’t be on duty but would get paid as if he/she worked a full week.
An example of annualize staff would be if an employer works 40 hours a week which relates to eight hours a day shifts, this would average out to five shifts a week…...