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Managing the Environment

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Events Management

Managing the Environment for Tourism and Events

Individual Assignment

Critically examine the extent to which venues and facilities are making efforts to mitigate environmental impacts.

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Mitigation refers to the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases (, 2015), which effect the environment, this can be achieved in several ways, such as reducing waste left after festivals or using renewable energy. These aspects will be discussed in more detail during this assignment, as well as how tourism and event managers use Limits of Acceptable Change methodology when assessing environmental impacts and how to mitigate them. Venues and facilities, such as festival destinations or stages used at the festival, within events and tourism are making efforts to mitigate environmental impacts, for example the venue should use data which has been collected and analysed to identify and evaluate appropriate measures to mitigate environmental impacts and include them when development planning (Department of Regional Development and Environment, Executive Secretariat for Economic and Social Affairs, Organization of American States, 1991). With the use of a case study, this assignment will examine the extent of which venues and facilities are mitigating environmental impacts and what more could be done to mitigate these impacts further.
Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) is a methodology which can be implemented by tourism and event managers. LAC is a decision process that addresses unacceptable impacts to facilities and visitor experiences in protected areas, the process involves determining whether the existing impacts at a site have reached an unacceptable level,...

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