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Assessment item 2
Strategic Management OR Knowledge & Learning
Value: 45%
Due date: 11-Sep-2015
Return date: 02-Oct-2015
Length: 3000 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
You are required to write a 3000 word essay on either Strategic Management or Management Knowledge & Learning as follows: * Use an organisation that is or has been in the news during the past two years (work-related learning) as an example of strategic management practices.Failing that, select an organisation with which you are very familiar such as your current employer. * Apply and evaluate at least three theoretical concepts of either Strategic Management or Management Knowledge & Learning. * Go on to examine and evaluate critically how these theoretical concepts influence managerial practices in your chosen organisation with reference to either Strategic Management or Management Knowledge and Learning. * Critically reflect on these practices and compile a series of recommendations that would enhance either Strategic Management or Management Knowledge and Learning practice in your chosen organisation. * Academic and professional communication skills: You must follow an essay structure that is at a minimum an introduction; a main body that outlines the argument, analyses the material you have researched and assesses this according to the guidelines above; and a conclusion.Your writing style must follow professional literacy: Citations and a final reference list that follows the APA 6 guidelines accurately; the quality of writing and presentation: accurate mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.); use respectful language to discuss all people; avoid emotive language; employ inclusive, non-sexist language. Use a minimum of ten (10) citations/references. In short, you will need to demonstrate an understanding and critical analysis of

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