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How do the various management theories offer clues for organizing and controlling hotel employees?
First of all according to Hawthorne human relations implication is very important. Worker attitude toward their manager affect the level of their performance. When there is human relationship exist among the manager and the employees then there will be less confusion, and more understanding among each other. A good working environment will be only achieve through human relations, and mutual respect, where individual value each other and as result of that they will achieve a peaceful working environment. It will differently have a positive influence in the organization toward employees and customers.
Second theory would be behavioural management theory, where a manager’s personal behaviour will have a great impact in the organization. Furthermore, when a manager is motivate and performance well among all the employees then employees will be motivate, and will have more interest in organization and they will take their job serious.
Thirdly, in hotel management job specialization is very important. When worker properly train and specialize in specific job, they will work with confident. When a problems occur associate it to their specific work they will have great idea how to solve it without involving anyone. As result of it will be less stress in work place for everyone, and everyone would be able to work independently.
Finally, the most important theory of all the time would be the X and Y theory. The X and Y theory helps the managers to organize, and control hotel employees. As a manager I should figure out how I can organize, and control my employees to have a high quality service. Should I motivate them and give them authority, or make harder rules? Be a boss or a leader?
First of all you should have a good recognition of your employees, which it…...

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