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question 1

1 A
Tyrone: extraversion/ innitiater
Yi-ren: conscioutiousness: well organize/ keep track of documentate/ coordinator
George: neuroticism: calm/ hamornizer
Ana: agreeableness because she is quite/ reserve and trusting, Information seeker or giver/ follower

Tyrone: High Extraversion: Tallkative, active Low Agreeableness: critical, ruthless High in Openeness

Yi-ren: High conscionticousness, reliable, hardworking, organize low agreeableness ( she doesn’t agree with Tyrone idea) Low Openness : down to earth, conventional

George: High Neuroticism or emotional stability, calm, even tempered High agreeableness: trusth, able to bring group back together ( facilitator)

Ana: High agreeableness: she does not have her own opinion, listen to other Low extraversion: quite/resever, not active


Each group/ team member needed to have variety of characteristic/ personalities in order to work together * The group consisted of high level of extraversion will result in conflict and low level of extraversion will result in lack of input from group member * High level of agreeableness : quality of work/ service will be low since people are accept every new idea they have, low level of agreeabless group can easily break up since people tend not to be so respectful as well as challenge other’s opinion or ideas * High level of conscientiousness will result in a well organized and low level of conscientiousness : people will depend too much on other for their work * Neuroticism: Hight level of neuroticism they are very emotional, they cant take criticism well, lead to high self consciousness. Low level of neuroticism they are not very ambicious, not driven * High openness: are risk taking, if too much then the organization can be put at risk. Low openness will result that organization cant grow

The group need to have atleast one of each so they can maintain harmony, healthy working environment for everyone, in a way increase productivity of the whole group.

Question 2

1. Forming: Group member are uncertain about roles, who’s in charge, they are reserved, mutual trust is low Example: Tyrone was quite to preserve, George’s role was important at this stage since he take past as a group facilitator, Since trust and communication is low, he has to step up to bring people together, Yi-ren step up and organizing note is a sign of potential leadership 2. Storming: Unclear of communication 3. Norming: The group has function well, people started to get into their role , less disagreement even though ideas often got challenge by Tyrone, George’s role start to decrease since the group started to understand each other’s working process. 4. Performing: Team has found common ground( Proposal) 5. Adjourning: not yet reach since they haven’t complete their ask/ proposal that was given to them

Question 3
Team effectiveness in innovation
This group should have more people with extraversion characteristic. This will genernate more ideas and discussion within the group.( Since Tyrone is considered high in extraverion, he often has to goes against other’s discussion) Since Ana is agreeableness to pretty much everything and afraid to speak her mind beside providing statistic information. Yi-ren is well organize but less likely to take risk or having innovative thinking, she has good criteria for being a manager, not necessary a visionary. George play a facilitator role in which providing guidance to everyone and resolve conflict. lack of innovation out of the box way of thinking/ result in a less attractive outcome. Question 4 A. Group thinking: it is happen when the group tried to reach the decision while avoiding heated discussion. The symptom of groupthinking are invulnerability, inherent, morality, rationalization, stereotype views of opposition, self censorship, peer pressure, mind-guards. The affect of this will cause/ result is the group will have very few alternatives. They cant exam the preffered alternatives/ rejected alternatives. ( Should define/ different roles) They tend not to listen to valuable resource and more likely have no contingency plan. This group of Emily ran into this issue since everyone are so pressure of their own opinion and want to reach the conclusion early. They want to avoid discussion and conflict. B. Social Loafing the diffinittion of this is the decrease in individual effort as group size increase. This happened when roles of individual is not clear as well as unable to individually evaluate their performance in order to recognize their share/reward. Solution or prevention of this is to clearly define tasks for everyone in team. This way people don’t overlap each other, They will confidence that their work will be recognized and rewarded fairly.

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