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MBA/MIS 683 Project Management

Case analysis #1

1. Read the “Denver International Airport” case in Project Management Case Studies (pages 539-582). Please answer, in writing, the following questions:

Part A:

1) Was the decision to build a new airport at Denver strategically a sound decision?

No, building a new airport at Denver was not a strategically sound decision. In reviewing the preliminary evaluations and reasons given for building the airport, strategically the city of Denver was looking to improve facilities in order to reduce costs, enhance service, and increase income. The project was implemented and pushed by pride and the desire of city leadership (politicians) to build a “thing of beauty” to represent the city and their accomplishments. From the defining the project and planning stage it became obvious that customers were not wanting to go forward fearing increased costs (United, Continental, even the cargo customers). Construction started (grading and preparing the site and infrastructure) in 1989 before bids were even obtained for the main parts of the project – the construction of improvements. The project was pushed forward even though the customers were not consulted, customers were not buying-in, specifications not finalized and the project estimates were just top-down rough estimates (time, cost, requirements). From the beginning it seems the project was not strategically aligned with Denver strategy, goals and needs.

7) Was DIA a good strategic fit for Continental?

No, DIA was not a good strategic fit for Continental. Continental was downsizing and experiencing financial difficulties. It was fighting for survival and leading indicators signaled a recession. Continental refused to participate, hoping the project would be canceled. Like other low-budget, no-frills airlines (like Southwest) it needed...

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...8 PERIPHERAL PRODUCTS 9 MANCHESTER UNITED IN ITS ENVIRONMENTS 10 NETWORK 10 GENERAL ENVIRONMENT 12 INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT 13 MANCHESTER UNITED’S FINANCIAL SECTOR 14 DISCUSSION 16 SOCIAL STRUCTURE 16 YOUTH POLICY 100% SUCCES? 17 STRUCTURAL CHANGE 17 SUCCES CRITERIA 18 NEW MANAGER, NEW STRATEGY 18 NEW MANAGER, SAME STRATEGY 20 STAKEHOLDERS AND SUCCES 20 CHANGE OF GENERAL ENVIRONMENT 21 CONCLUSION 21 LITERATURE 22 INTRODUCTION The choice of Manchester United as subject for our report arose on a mix of our initial interest in the club and its interesting and very unique business perspective; this led us to the assumption that through the case given and the literature available we would be able to provide a thorough analysis followed by a critical and pointed discussion. The following sub questions were made in order to answer this comprehensively – As the organizational structure is a part of Ferguson’s era: - What are the strengths and weaknesses of Manchester United’s structure - How can a possible change of social structure effect Manchester United - How can a change of social structure and strategy effect Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson has led the team to its enormous success since he was recruited from Aberdeen in 1986. (Grant, 2006, p.583), and is now seen and respected as being the worlds most successful manager of all times. His personality and management style has transformed Manchester United into the organization it......

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