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Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

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Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Jason Hoops ENG325: Intermediate Composition Instructor: Ms. Heather Auger August 11, 2014

Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients One of the most controversial issues surrounding the governmental welfare system today is the push for mandatory drug testing for its participants. With the present controversy surrounding it, several would pose the question as to whether or not the government should have the right to hold people who partake in the government entitlements accountable for illegal drug use or would this sort of action actually cross that boundary line of civil liberties into an invasion of one’s privacy? The state welfare system was established to financially assist those who are unable to meet the basic needs for everyday living; drugs are far from the basic human needs. If drug-using recipients receive the same benefits as those that are not parking in the illegal usage, they are much more likely to use their benefit check to obtain their next fix rather than to purchase the groceries needed to feed their families. Implementing mandatory drug testing for its recipients would decrease the amount of people abusing the system as it would require them to maintain a drug free status in order to receive their aid. In doing so, it would also reveal the recipients who are utilizing a portion of the governmental program for the wrong reasons; thus being a waste of tax payer’s governmental revenue. The United States government has a vested interested in getting its participants off of the assistance program and back into the working class and headed for a stronger financial future. If the government were to hold its welfare recipients accountable for illicit drug use, it would only ensure the governments financial investment and its human resources would be...

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