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Mandatory Vaccination Research Paper

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Hai diana ,good post .
As you noted receiving vaccination is a lifelong process, same like that Vaccinations are a complex field of debate for diverse reasons too. Some argue that children’s health is parents’ choice .so some claims choosingIn to give vaccination is the choice pf parents decision than mandatory. Still social, medical and legal system that powerfully dejects exception from immunization. At the same time universal vaccination is a national goal .Vaccination has profound impact on public health in U.S and vaccination has greatly reduced the incidence of infectious diseases. Still there is debate over the mandatory influenza vaccination for heath care workers .Those who supporting vaccination claims public security ,public health

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Mandatory Vaccination Research Paper

..."If it aint broke, don't fix it." One of the most famous sayings many Americans have grown up hearing. A saying that has remained true over the duration of time. Although an object may not be as shiny, nothing can defeat an object that works and gets a job done. The same saying can be used with humans. If we are not sick, don't take the medicine. In all of the fifty states, there are laws about mandatory vaccination for children. Should the schools of America follow the traditional saying that our ancestors followed? With students not being required to take vaccinations students will no longer have the anxiety of shots. speaking personally, I have always been terrified of shots. Although there are tough kids out there, many of American...

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Why Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Essay vaccinated. It was very painful and I cried. Many people may have an experience like me. However vaccinations help us not to suffer from a certain health problem and lead to an advantageous response to infection. We have had many inoculations decades such as polio, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, etc. As a person of South Korea, I have had many vaccinations. It plays an important role in living healthy. Therefore, I think that all nations should be mandatory vaccinations because it would protect individual and the nation’s health. According to Health Affairs, a journal about healthcare and health policy, a vaccine was attempted for the first time by Edward Jenner who was a doctor from the United Kingdom in 1796. During this time, smallpox spread throughout the UK. Meanwhile Jenner discovered that ranch workers milking cows everyday didn’t catch well the disease. There was a disease, cowpox that is similar to smallpox but a weaker form. When a person contracted cowpox, he or she could endure well than a person who caught smallpox and wasn’t stricken with smallpox anymore. Inspired by this realization Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine after some experiments using cowpox virus. Since then the term ‘vaccine’ began to be used by Louis Pasteur who has been called “microbial father”....

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...bacteria will continue to live freely and happily while the host will have to suffer the effects of it. Some diseases are caused by viruses. A virus is basically a non-living infection that attacks the immune system and tries infecting other living cells. Children are much more vulnerable to diseases compared to adults because of the fact that their immune systems is still developing. Children are weak because they haven’t lived life long enough to gain immunity to diseases. So how could children protect themselves from diseases one may ask? Taking vaccination early will not only protect you from diseases, but greatly improve your immune system to counter all the other diseases. The invention of medical immunizations has not only been used to heal from the disease, but also to keep the spread of disease low. Having immunizations available have greatly lowered the amount of deaths in the world. Vaccination should continue to stay mandatory because it keeps diseases from spreading and eventually killing everyone. Bacteria and viruses infect humans in many different ways. Breathing in bacteria and viruses is one way. This can cause chest pain and coughing which is a symptom of Meningitis, one of most popular diseases in children. Meningitis is an infection in the cerebro-spinal fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. During the infection, people...

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...Clinical Situations Position Paper Kelli B. Teems University of West Georgia Professional Nursing Concepts (Nurs 4102) Professor J. Wilder, MSN, NP-C April 7, 2015 Part 4 – Immunity and Health Policy Vaccination has been known to provide immunity to a variety of illnesses, including influenza. To minimize influenza-related deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that vulnerable people and health care workers (HCW) be vaccinated against influenza annually (van den Dool, Bont, Hak, Heijne & Wallinga, 2008). A topic of debate between HCWs and healthcare facilities is the discussion over whether annual influenza shots should be mandatory. Multiple studies have been completed to determine if the benefits are substantial enough...

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...Mandatory Vaccinations Since the dawn of time human beings have been plagued with copious diseases. Through a plethora of years scientists have been working hard to discover cures for these detrimental diseases. Whether or not a person decides to receive vaccines is up to them. Looking back at the effects of these diseases poses the question; should vaccination be mandatory? When people are not vaccinated, they cause a great threat to the health of the public, therefore, vaccines should be made mandatory. A vaccine is a substance that makes your body produce antibodies and gives a person immunity against one or more illnesses. They are generally made with a biological pathogen from the illness. It acts as an antigen which is a relatively harmless part of the pathogen and allows the body to produce more antibodies to fight the disease. Vaccines work as a mock infection. When the powerless virus enters your body, it produces more antibodies. When it easily destroys the virus your body is left with the surplus of the disease specific antibodies that prohibit the virus from causing any harm (U.S. Department of...

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...extinct in America, is unfortunately again on the rise. In the year 2000, national leaders in the United States declared that measles had been eliminated within the country, however, from January 1, 2014 to August 29, 2014, there were 592 Measles cases in the United States (Koplowitz 1). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have attributed these cases to parents refusing to have their children vaccinated. Within the past two months, there have been 102 cases of measles reported in 14 states (Grady 1). Vaccinations have proven to be extremely effective. After receiving two doses of the measles vaccination, 97% of people are immune to this disease (“For Health Care Professionals” 2). It is completely unacceptable to have an outbreak of a disease that is almost completely preventable and was eliminated from the United States 15 years ago. In order to protect citizens against communicable diseases, it should be mandatory for almost everyone to receive vaccinations. There are two types of immunizations: active and passive. The more common of the two is the active immunization, which stimulates the body’s immune system to fabricate a defense against a disease-causing microorganism (“Immunization” 1). The first recorded active immunization was Edward Jenner’s use of the cowpox virus to produce immunity to smallpox in 1796 (Riedel 5). Currently, any formulation containing a microorganism for the purpose of immunization is referred to as a vaccine. A population is fully protected...

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...Vaccination Controversy Julie S. Bertram Excelsior College Author's note This paper was written for MLS 500: Graduate Research and Writing taught by Dr. Kyla Hammond Most healthcare professionals and leaders attribute vaccination as the single-most important reason for increasing the health of the human population during the past one hundred years. As a result, required immunizations are common in the U. S. and other developed countries. However, there is a segment of society who argue against vaccination due to worries that immunizing negatively impacts future health. More and more information is becoming available that presents allopathic vaccination in an ugly light. (Sharma, 2003) For the past century, vaccines for diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and now more recently, hepatitis B and varicella have programmed our immune systems to be powerful protectors of our health. Compulsory state immunization laws have increased the U.S. immunization rate to 77%, the highest ever. (Largent, 2012) Despite high immunization rates, there is an underlying progression of a movement of parents questioning whether the vaccines are contributing to health conditions such as autism. Contributing to the uncertainty are occasional anecdotal accounts of parents with children who experience adverse reactions. Fear causes many parents to entirely forego vaccines for their children. Regardless of mandatory school vaccine laws for school children, physicians can...

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...Research Proposal The subject of my persuasive essay is asking the question: Should vaccinations be mandatory for all children. I will be debating why it is extremely important for children to be vaccinated. I believe all peoples, especially children of very young ages, to be vaccinated to help against any germs and illnesses they may come into contact with in their later years. The importance of vaccinations should be instilled into every human being for one simple reason: protection. I became interested in this topic upon being given this research assignment. I have many siblings and young nieces and nephews who I want to live very healthy lives. It is important to me that I express my concern to their parents about the importance of vaccinations to insure their children remain healthy. I believe this topic will surely interest my audience. I plan to inform them of the importance of vaccinations, as well as inform them of the risks of going without them. My main audience will likely be young children and their parents, as well as people who hope to one day have children of their own. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease.” This quote answers the questions as to why vaccines should be necessary for all children. The AAP explains that if parents decide that they do not want their child vaccinated, they will be putting their child at a great risk. Unlike the Center for Disease Control and...

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Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma in Current Events to death (no matter what age that may occur). For the purpose of this paper, I purposely stayed away from life and death issues. I have a strong moral and ethical stance on allowing patients to die with dignity. Keeping patients alive or giving treatments to prolong life without quality is so against my morals. If the patient chooses to become a DNR or refuses "recommended" life sustaining treatments, they should have the autonomy to do so. A recent example in the news is the death of Steve Jobs. Now that he has passed away, everyone and their brother are saying that he was a difficult patient. They say he refused lifesaving treatments and surgeries. This is easy to say now that he has passed. We cannot go back now and do a Whipple on him to compare how much longer he would have lived. Whipples are extremely involved procedures and can lead to many complications, with no guarantee of prolonged life. Monday morning quarterbacks are a dime a dozen. The ethical issue that I choose to use for my paper is the recent dilemma of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for boys. Vaccinations in general have always been on the list of ethical topics in healthcare. From parents of newborns who believe in the false link between vaccinations and autism, to pediatricians who refuse to continue to provide care to their patients whose parents refuse to vaccinate, to the newest dilemma of the HPV vaccination. This dilemma includes the recent comment made by Republican presidential candidate...

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