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Mangers are the building blocks of an organisation. They are the first persons to be answerable for every good and bad that happened in any organisation. Their job is to look after many things that are happening in an organisation and maintain the path of an organisation smooth and competitive with less hurdles and disturbances. In order to achieve this, managers have to work both physically and mentally in many areas and they even have to make their employees to work properly and effectively to attain the goals of an organisation. Even though the employees are the prime workers in any organisations managers have to manage their employees and even he has to manage the external atmosphere at and around the organisation to run the organisation in an admirable path and their by achieving the predetermined goals.
Here I would like to present the manager’s job in an organisation with an example of an interview and with my research work. I took an interview from a manager of software Solutions Company a small scale information technology based company in Australia. while interviewing him we come across some of the important qualities of a manager According to him a manager should have a good academic qualifications like a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in any of the administrative fields, unless and until if a manager have a good academics he may not be able to solve academic problems in his company. He should also have good communicative skills and interactive skills, marketing ability, managing the customers and a good personality. R.W. Griffin defines manager as a person who first of all is responsible for realization of management process. In particular manager is “the person, that makes plans and decisions, organizes, supervises and controls human, finance and information resources” (Griffin 2000). I totally agree to the above...

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