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• Can a face powder be made out of mango extract? • What are the contents of mango that is/are applicable to our skin? • What are the effects of mango face powder in terms of whiteness, smoothness and softness of the skin?


• To make a face powder out of mango extract. • To determine the contents of mango extract that is/are applicable to our skin. • To know the effects of mango powder in terms of whiteness, smoothness and softness of the skin?


• A face powder can be made out of mango extract. • There are contents in the mango extract that can be applicable to our skin. • The face powder can make our skin white, smooth and soft.



The experimental research problem on the making mango extract as face powder has important implications in the young teens or tweens who spend much buying cosmetic face powders to have fair skin but when this problem had been proven there will be no worries spending too much money. Besides of being cheap it also improves health condition of the people for having “healthy and fair skin” because mango extract has contents which makes our skin healthy. Mango is rich in Vitamin A (beta-carotene), contains powerful anti-oxidants; thus, it helps in imparting a younger-looking skin....

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