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Bhai Paramanand Institute of Business Studies,
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CONTENTS | PARTICULARS | PAGE NO. | | DECLARATION BY THE CANDIDATE | [i] | | CERTIFICATE OF THE ORGANISATION | [ii] | | CERTIFICATE OF THE PROJECT GUIDE | [iii] | | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT | [iv] | | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | [v] | CHAPTER-1 | INTRODUCTION: | | | 1.1 Industry | 1 | | 1.2 Competitors | 3 | | 1.3 Theory of the Topic | 4 | | 1.4 Objective | 31 | | 1.5 Research Methodology | 31 | CHAPTER-2 | ORGANISATION PROFILE | | | 2.1 History and Establishment | 33 | | 2.2 Vision | 35 | | 2.3 Mission | 36 | | 2.4 Products | 36 | | 2.5 Divisions/Services | 37 | | 2.6 Corporate Social Responsibility | 44 | | 2.7 Awards & Recognition | 46 | CHAPTER-3 | RESEARCH STUDY OF MAIN TOPIC | | | 3.1 Quick Assets | 47 | | 3.2 Long-Term Debt | 47 | | 3.3 Current Liability | 48 | | 3.4 Current Assets | 49 | | 3.5 Shareholder’s Equity | 49 | | 3.6 Average Total Assets | 50 | CHAPTER-4 | ANALYSIS & FINDINGS | | | 4.1 Current Ratio | 51 | | 4.2 Quick Ratio | 54 | | 4.3 Debt-Equity Ratio | 56 | | 4.4 Return on Assets Ratio | 59 | | 4.5 Return on Capital Employed Ratio | 61 | | 4.6 Gross Profit Ratio | 63 | CHAPTER-5 | CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS | | | 5.1 Conclusion | 66 | | 5.2 Suggestions | 67 | | 5.3 Limitations | 68 | |…...

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