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Awang BOC — The Centre of Attraction
By Arambam Kapil
Exactly at the centre of Manipur, there lies a bowl-shaped valley where the state capital Imphal is located. Again around the centre of Imphal, the historic Kangla Fort is situated and is surrounded by several landmarks such as the Imphal river, a couple of classy hotels, the commando complex, the old interstate bus parking, amongst others, on its northern side. This article is concerned with one place, which is again set precisely at the heart of these landmarks. This place, which we call North AOC or Awang BOC, is indeed the centre of attraction.
There is no surprise element why Awang BOC holds a significant position, for it is notorious for only two things: heroin and prostitutes. Yet it is surprising how this place has managed to live up to its name, still existing and entertaining the great motley of customers, even amidst and after all the movements and campaigns against drug and for morality in the state. Probably there are more reasons than meet the eye.
The question of bringing down this place and making it a safer place is still open on one hand, because there is an apparent and ample supply of numberless narcotics flowing in from all the corners to the nook and corner of the state. Just to take an example, the proximity of the state to the infamous Golden Triangle comprising parts of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos has long been held as one of the main reasons why heroin is easily available here. However, on the other hand, there is another question that is entirely close ended: Is the authority willing to make the neighbourhood a safer area?
There are allegedly so many havens for heroin and mobile units for manufacturing the stuff along the recently renamed National Highway 37, which inciden- tally passes through the ghetto of Awang BOC and proceeds further east towards Moreh. Or we should say, the route for smuggling and further activities starts near the border and runs backward along the NH 37. Though, the widespread availability of heroin in Churachandpur – the second largest town in the south-western part of the state – can be ascertained to other factors or routes.
For a long time, the entire Manipur has been bogged down by drug-related issues, much aggravated by the prevailing socioeconomic and political condition of the state. Heroin, which is also known as number 4 in local parlance, made it for the first time around the early 1980s and it has been spreading far and wide. Needless to say, there have been several movements against drug abuse and there are also many organisations, which are campaigning against addiction and working for rehabilitation of drug users. But the trouble is about Awang BOC making an exception, while stealing all the limelight, all for the wrong reasons. What is so special about this place that even hardcore anti-drug crusaders cannot interfere in its business?
It is much more complex than we have expected earlier why Awang BOC has never failed to let our folks lose themselves in daily doses of diabolical delectation. It is such a small place, yet in its littleness there is a deep-rooted malaise that an average Manipuri would find it hard to get rid of. Well, it’s another thing if someone doesn’t care – an ugly truth is that many of us simply don’t care, because our generation has become so selfish and greedy and afraid, and nothing exists beyond narrow, vested interests, all owing to the currents of our time.
For the record, there are police and officials from the excise and narcotics department, who are responsible for keeping the things in order. Unfortunately for our sensibilities and fortunately for the drug users, a kickback howsoever small the amount is only what it takes in a day’s dealing. Income generation has got a new name in the vicinity. As we talk about these things, we can visualise the covert actions of the big shots, who are running the show in this ill-famed location. This also raises an uncomfortable question on how much these players are in cahoots with the authority. Obviously, it will take much more than some paltry amount of bribes, nabbing well-dressed drug users and occasional seizure of drugs here and there for Awang BOC to survive on its notoriety.
How long will Awang BOC stay naked in full public glare? On a broader perspective, concerned citizens and activists are suggesting for a clear-cut policy on drug and narcotic substances. Lately we have been observing various signboards on informative one-liners related to drugs, sponsored by the state social welfare department, being put up along some of the busiest street corners in the valley. Action-oriented initiatives will also be appreciated besides the reading and writing of the fine quotes on living a drug-free life. Another mandatory measure is a fool-proof mechanism to nab the big players, rather than resorting to taking bribes and arresting small-timers. Else Awang BOC will primarily remain the centre of attraction and clearly the reasons for its staying in public attention are something we will never be proud of. Cynics see no solution in the near future; but better late than never.
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