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Many people think that a boy becomes a man when his facial hair starts to grow out, how much money he makes, and what he starts to wear. A man is not defined by his age or looks. Men can have all the money in the world or looks but that doesn’t necessarily make them a man. Men are not born but men are made and raised. Responsibilities, maturity, and respect for women turn a boy into a man. Many boys grow up fast to take they can take care of their families at a early age. Because of no father figure around boys usually end up the man of the household, and start working. Therefore age never determines when you become a man or not. Many 15 years old take many responsibilities while some don’t know the meaning of responsibilities. A man is responsible for keeping food in the fridge, paying the bills, keeping clothes on, etc. “Being a dad is the most manliest job you will ever have”(144) Many young boys today become dads at a very early age and most of them end up not taking the responsibility of their child. “Fathers have stopped passing down the art of manliness to the next generation”. Many fathers neglect their families and children and let them be on their own. This means not having a male figure around for the little boys. Boys look up to their fathers and want to see a good role model. They need a man figure in their lives to teach them how to be a man. How will a boy learn how to be a man if his own father is not around to teach him about manliness and responsibilities? It is Kaur 2 important that a father never runs away from his responsibilities, in order to pass down the art of manliness to the next generation. Running away from any responsibilities never shows your bravery but your cowardliness. What is a man without maturity? Many boys grow up to be man but some of them still aren’t mature enough to be men. Accepting your...

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