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General Introduction
This THESIS LECTURE NOTE & GUIDE is meant to teach MBA students on the rudiments of research method as a major course in the MBA programme and at the same time serve as a guide and to assist them to successfully complete their Research Methods Examinations and thesis project without difficulty.
You should not be surprised if a professor gives you a perturbed look or cringes when you tell him/her that you have no idea of what you would like to pursue as a thesis topic. Why might your professor react this way? Because there are potentially hundreds of topics or research questions that can be pursued and your professor is anticipating your next question, which is usually, "Do you have any suggestions?" In addition, the topic is one that is chosen by you, not your advisor, and thus, the responsibility of constructing possible topics is the student's.
In essence, your thesis topic should not just be chosen and that's it! The topic must be explored, developed, and assessed. Is it an original one? Is the purpose to replicate previous research? Is the research feasible in terms of access to data, cost, time, and effort? Does anybody care about the topic you have in mind?
If you have a topic in mind you might ask yourself these questions:
--Does it suit your interests and possible career objectives?
--Does it fit your background and experience?
--Are you willing to commit the next 6 months (or longer) researching the topic?
--What do you already know about it?
--Do you believe your findings will be of interest or benefit to anyone else?
One professor adds this thought regarding topic selection: "Don't hesitate to go back to THE BASICS and review some of the issues and controversies from previous coursework. In essence, you must review the literature on your proposed topic BEFORE...

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