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My Dream House

A house is a place to stay with your family. A good house is the one that makes the dweller feell comfortable. My dream house has all facilities and spacious garden. I want to do my best to have my dream house built. Actually, my dream house is so simple to make if I have a lot of money.I woud like to live in a vila because it is very big and peaceful with a beautiful panorama of the city. On the first floor I want to have six bedrooms, one bedrooms for my parents, one bedroom for me, and the other bedroom for my children. Every bedroom I should have a set of furniture and the facilities. Every bathroom will have a shower or a bathtub. The kitchen will be equipped with a fridge to store food a stove to cook and facilities,such as hot and cold running water,gas and electricity. On the ground floor of my house there will be a big living room,a place where my family will spend their leisure time. Every side of the second floor will have many glass windows, so that I could enjoy the view from the second floor. I will plant lots of fruit trees in my back garden. Behind my house I will place a swimming pool and tiny football pitch because my hobby is playing football. I will use the pitch to play games with my friends after work,(I cannot be imagine my life without football). I know that it will not be easy for me to build my dream house because it needs investment. So, I must be a successful businessman my family,and the other people to be proud of me. “Home sweet home” is a phrase that could really Express my feelings. I mean that my dream house will definitely have a pleasant atmosphere and will be open to my close friends.

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