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Thumb Rings: The thumbs in palmistry are about self-control. On the active hand (the right hand if a person’s right-handed) a folded-in thumb shows hesitation in applying oneself to worldly ambitions. On the passive hand, on a more personal level, a bent-inward thumb shows inner conflicts.

If you’re engaged in personal trans-formation, wear a narrow, silver ring (for higher guidance and strength) with a milled surface (for industry and effort) on the passive hand’s thumb. This will strengthen your resolve and induce greater powers of self-mastery. Any new challenge, be it losing weight or sticking to your morning yoga class will be easier.

Index finger: The index finger is known to palmists as the ‘mirror’ finger. It’s ruler is Jupiter and it’s about self-reflection. A big ring on the active index finger shows self-esteem issues, and a frustrated need for power and recognition. This is particularly true if there’s a large gemstone. In portraits of powerful, ruling figures, like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Napoleon, large rings are visible on both index fingers.

Tin is the metal of Jupiter, so if you lack self-confidence, wear a ring of base metal on the index finger of your active hand to reinforce and enhance the sense of self. Ensure the ring has no gems and has flat, faceted sides (for modesty, humility and all-round recognition). You’ll feel better immediately. Visualize the kind of personal qualities you want frequently while turning the ring slowly with the finger and thumb of your other hand.

Middle Finger: The middle finger is known as the ‘wall’ finger. It’s ruled by Saturn and represents psychological boundaries, lifestyle and value systems. The larger the ring and gemstone worn on this finger, the more seriously one takes life and the more one wants to fit in and feel secure. Multiple rings on the middle finger on the passive hand is...

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