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Many of the Fears That the Government and Media Have Fed to the Public Are Unfounded.

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Many of the fears that the government and media have fed to the public are unfounded.
After interviewing several of my family and friends about their opinions on the topic of Asylum seekers in Australia, there seemed to be several specific concerns that these people had regarding asylum seekers. When I asked them where they had heard about these potential problems, the two main sources they gave were that they heard it on the news or it was spoken about by someone in the government. After researching these issues, it seems that many of these concerns seem to have been assisted by sections of both the media and the government.
The first worry was that sylum seekers receive more money from the government than pensioners: One specific news report from the trusted show Today Tonight has received well-deserved backlash after claiming asylum seekers cost the taxpayers excessive ammounts of money. The headline read 'Asylum seekers get $400 a week' whereas the standard centrelink rate is $350 a week for Australians. This is a lie. The source they interviewed was a man who had refugee status and he actually received $400 a fortnight, much less than the average payment. TT claimed it was an editing error. The fact is that un-processed asylum seekers get no benefits until they are given a visa and even then they are entitled to the same centrelink benefits as everyone else. Is it any wonder peoeple are concerned about refugees when they are fed inflamatory nonsense like this by one of the most popular programs in Australia?
2- We dont have enough room- havent we done enough already?
First of all, UN Figures confirm that Australias share of asylum applications remains at just 1%of the global total. Did you know that just 10 countries host 62% of the worlds refugees? Or that Australia, one of the most stable and the 6th biggest country in the world is not on that list?

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