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A map is a navigation tool.
A navigation takes place on a general and more extended plane where there is a destination to reach.
A map is necessary to draw a successful route toward that goal a navigator desires to get.

On the plane of HR field, HR Professional Map enables any practitioner to set his own professional aim, to light up the most efficient way to pursue that, to hold a watchful attention along the chosen route to discover and not to lose any other opportunity and chance of professional and individual improvement. Making a strong decision is necessary, but nothing is really decided. HR Professional Map seems to catch this little and feeble truth. Indeed, if on one hand the Map is a comprehensive view of HR field, defining every aspect and specialism of the profession, as well as a clear framework for career progression, on the other hand it realizes that the latter can be, in its targets and roles, changeable and need a flexible an orientation tool flexible and taking account the fast evolving if each practitioner needs to ensure the best of his own performance and conatus to the organisation he works in.

On any navigation the map is the key to earn an advantage. That one HR Professional Map intends to give to HR practitioners is the chance to demonstrate impact in the workplace constantly.

HR Professional Map not only has a three-dimensional structure but a perspective vision too for any practitioner who needs to know and do whatever can favour him at all stages in his career. This map is, so, a sort of wisdom and control tool: 1) it can set out what skills and functions are required today; 2) being flexible and dynamic it can be exploited to perceive the future requirements of the HR profession so that practitioners can assess their current professional stage, plot the next steps in their career and adapt their own skills and knowledge to...

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