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1. What past forest management activities have lead to the unique landscape seen today at Shelburne Farms?
The ice storm hurt the forest big time there for some management activities were focused on making sure the forest aspects can stand another storm like the ice storm more so than it did last time. And the landscape has changed due to water erosion and land movement. The hills make for the sugar lines to run smoother and quicker. On the other hand the steady land makes it easier to collect sap buckets.

2. How did the 1998 ice storm affect forestlands at Shelburne Farms? What kind of challenge does this type of natural disturbance present for forest managers?
The 1998 ice storm affected the Shelburne Farms forestlands by destroying many trees and most things froze to where they broke. The sap had to stop flowing because the trees were so damaged and solid. The ground and landscape also could have been damaged as well. This kind of disturbance to the forest can prevent sales and even take time to rebuild the entire forest floor.

3. One major challenge facing forest managers and sugarbush owners in the northeast is deer overpopulation. How do deer affect the long-term management of a forestland?
Sugar lines if any would be affected and possibly the buckets may be torn down. The deer also would eat the natural wild life around and bugs that are keeping the pests away.

4. In the Shelburne Farms management plan, the section on Harvest Systems is quite specific about how trees will be harvested from the property. Why do you think this is the case?
I think this is the case because each year you want to preserve your system and how the sugaring is produced the slightest change on the forest could change a whole lot more. And so that nothing can get destroyed with machinery and such.

5. How can maple sugaring be used as a tool to prevent forestlands from being developed for residential or commercial activities?
Maple sugaring can be used as a tool to prevent forestlands from being destroyed by creating a product that is over demanded and supply us with an organic substance from the trees and the earth.

6. What are your thoughts about agricultural uses of private or public lands vs. residential or commercial development? How can the needs of human populations be balanced with the long-term health of the land?
I believe we need to preserve lands for agricultural uses over residential and commercial uses. The human population is only going to grow and the land space is only going to get smaller if we cant find a way to slow down our species.

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