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Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)

Facts of the Case

In Cleveland, Ohio, 3 members of local law enforcement arrived at a house with the purpose of executing a search that was obtained in order to search the property where a supposed bomb suspect was hiding out, at the house were the plaintiff, Mapp, and her daughter, both of whom lived on the second story of the two-family residence. According to officers, they had received information that someone was hiding in the home that was wanted for questioning in relation to a recent bombing. Upon knocking on the door and demanding entrance to search the premises, Miss Mapp denied the request. The officers informed their commanding officer of the situation at hand, and waited in a surveillance position outside of the residence. Several hours later, the officers attempted to gain entry into the house a second time after back up of an additional 4 police officers arrived at the scene. At this time Miss Mapp refused to even open the door, they then forced their way into the dwelling by physical force. Miss Mapp's attorney arrived at the residence, the officers would not allow him entrance, nor would they allow him to view the search warrant. While Miss Mapp continued questioning the officers about the warrant, an officer quickly flashed a piece of paper, at which time Miss Mapp grabbed the piece of paper and proceeded to hide it in her chest area. This caused a conflict between the officers and Miss Mapp, which eventually led to Miss Mapp being taken into police custody and handcuffed under the guise that she was being uncooperative and a threat to the officer’s safety. In handcuffs, Miss Mapp was taken to the 2nd story of her residence. Upon which time officers began to search the dresser, the drawers, the closet, some suitcases, and various personal items. The search continued in the minor’s bedroom, followed by the…...