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Mapping of Chocolate Industries in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh’s chocolate industry has not grown significantly even after a certain industrial revolution. At present we need to rely on foreign chocolate brands. Different chocolates of Cadbury, Hershey’s, Mars, Snickers, KitKat, Alpenliebe, Toblerone, Eclairs, Munch are few most preferred chocolates in Bangladesh. But unfortunately none of these are local product. We couldn’t develop our chocolate industry much. The reason behind that is lack of interest of customers about chocolate. Marketers could realize that the customer’s demand for chocolate in Bangladesh is not that much high. That’s why this industry failed to grow significantly. However, in recent times the demand of chocolate has increased much. From various report, we could see that the demand of chocolate in Bangladesh has increased over past 5 years, even though the demand is fulfilled by foreign brands. Realizing the demand of customer, many local companies have shown interest to manufacture quality chocolates in Bangladesh. As a result, now we have few local brands in market even though the preference for those chocolates couldn’t meet the expectation. Basically, the quality of local chocolates is not enough to compete with other international brands. Here are few examples of local brands-
Pran Eclairs, Pran Layer, Choco Bean, Choco Choco, Milky stick, Gems, Pearls, 2in 1 éclair, Fruto Toffee, Treat Chocolate Bar, Treat Peanut Bar, Cocola Bar, Cocola Frutics, Olympic Choco Funn, Olympic Creamy Caramel, Elson Gold Coin, Elson Perky, Elson Choco Star, Elson Milkee etc.
The local chocolate market is dominated by Pran-RFL Group, Cocola Food Products Limited, Olympic Industries ltd, Elson Foods.
So, when it comes to market mapping of chocolate industry in Bangladesh, somehow most of the portion of mapping gets covered by international brands. Here are few market mapping of chocolate industries of...

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