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Mapping Tools, Valstat

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Lean Manufacturing
Mapping Tools & VALSTAT

• • • • • The 7 Mapping Tools chosen – There are many others How are they associated with the 7 wastes Looking at the origins of the Mapping Tools What is VALSTAT? Looking at Goldratt & Theory Of Constraints
– – The Synergies The Theory of Constraints 5 Step Process

Introduction - The 7 Tools
• The chosen Mapping Tools are centred around the “7 Wastes”. • They are well known tools - 2 new ones • There is not a known methodology to help choose the most appropriate.


Introduction – How to tools are related to the 7 Wastes
The tools discussed provides an overview on those that are useful for eliminating each of the seven wastes. These tools are necessary for the two following reasons
1) They are completed by the ‘doers’, therefore the only people likely to know what is actually going on 2) When using detailed mapping action plans, you can ensure bottom up support by developing the plans from the wider team.

Origins of the Mapping Tools
Mapping Tool
Process Activity Mapping Supply Chain Response Matrix Production Variety Funnel Quality Filter Mapping Demand Amplification Mapping Decision Point Analysis Physical Structure Mapping

Origin of Mapping Tool
Industrial Engineering Time compression/ logistics Operations Management New Tool Systems Dynamics Efficient Consumer response/logistics New Tool

Process Activity Mapping


What is Process Activity Mapping ?
• • Has traditionally been used in shop floor environments for manufacturing companies It is used to highlight opportunities with
– Lead time and – Productivity

• • •

For both physical and information flows The idea is to map out every step of activity that occurs Have to remember that there could be more waste in the information flow than the physical flow!

Process Activity Mapping -Key
Value Added Non Value...

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