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Company profile
Akij Food and Beverage Ltd.
“Brings Quality in Life”.
1. History:
Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. (AFBL) a unit of Akij Group started its operation in the year 2006. AFBL manufactures a wide range of Snacks and Beverage for both National & International market alike. AFBL is a project worth $ 70 million& is funded by the parental company Akij Group.
AFBL started its production at 400 bph in the carbonated soft drinks line and 300 bph in the juice line. In a span of one and a half years we have increased our capacity to 1800 bph. At present our capacity; one is at the ground breaking rate of 1900 bph. So in approximately three years time our capacity has increased three folds. During this same period most of our brands became either number one or are almost on the verge of becoming number one in their respective categories. Most of our machineries have been imported from world famous brands as Krones, Tetra Pak, Alfalaval, Sipa, and Husky to achieve the best quality.
The history of Akij Group stretches back to later part of the forties. In its infancy, the Group started in humble way with jute trading which was known as the golden fiber of the country, earning highest amount of foreign exchange. Akij Group's ceaseless efforts with dynamic management and support from our numerous clients have led our Group in diversifying its business activities. In the second phase, the Group went into manufacturing handmade cigarettes popularly known as “Biris”. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue earning of the Group as well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer. With the passage of time, the Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 15 units of industries under its umbrella like cigarettes, handmade cigarettes, printing & packaging, jute mills, textiles, Hand board, Particle boards, Matches, Zarda, Cement, pharmaceutical, leather processing and real‐estate business are in operation, catering jobs for more that 32,000 people in various categories. The Group has plans for setting up more projects. The projects are already in pipeline. Foreign investors have shown keen interest in joining with Akij group for joint ventures. The Akij Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh. It consists of 14 big companies with diverse activities and different products, and launched its venture as a small jute trader more than 50 years ago. Since then it has been progressing with tremendous pace in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. From its humble beginning, it has been developed into a huge corporation of infallible quality and excellent service. It highly values its consumers as unique individuals and always ensures quality merchandise to suit the needs of each distinct consumer group. It works hard to preserve the environment and culture of Bangladesh, side by side, plays an outstanding role to develop the country economically advanced. The industrial wastage means little to them because their factories have been built up with recycling and the environment concept. A large number of people are employed by the group and cared for as members of the Akij family. The non-profit concerns are also involved in sustaining development of the country. Flexibility is the niche of the group to cope with the current versatile market. We went to the headquarters of the Akij Group to take an interview of Sheikh Akij Uddin, chairman & managing director of the group and Sheikh Jamil Uddin, director (textile). All the corporate offices of the Group are housed in the Akij Chamber, an 11-storied building, located at Dilkusha commercial area, one of the busiest business hubs of the Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh. When we reached there, Sheikh Jamil welcomed us. He is an energetic and visionary young man with professional approach who looks after the Akij Textile Mills Ltd, one of the top ten textile mills of the country considering all aspects quality, modern management, utility, full unit chilling system, use of vision shield, a foreign-fiber detector. During an interview with Sheikh Akij, he remarked, "We seriously need more patriotic and sympathetic people in the industrial arena." He was asked what was the driving force behind his tremendous success in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. "Uncompromising quality even in adverse market situation and consistency of it was the main force behind our success. In case of textile business, high strength, evenness and contamination-free yarn are the attributes of our products," he responded. "Creative new ventures, innovative production line to save time and increase efficiency; sticking to commitment in every step of the way; passing on the benefits of the innovative policies to our customers; and win-win policy for both the producer and customers have enormously helped us to gain trust and confidence of our stakeholders," revealed Sheikh Akij.
2.1. Mission:
To earn a respected position in Food & Beverage sector. Discovering understanding the desires & needs of the community, whiles working in harmony with our consumers, employees, and business partners.
2.2. Vision:
To be the market leader in Food & Beverage sector excelling in product quality, social, technical & marketing creativity & service to our consumers through skill and cordial commitment of our employees.
2.3. Strategy:
Akij Food & Beverage sector are increasing their activity. It is a plan for achieving organizational goals.
2.4. Tactics:
First of all select a specific product & main target of the production, how much need to customer consumption. They can utilize proper method and action taken to accomplish strategy.
2.5. Business Philosophy:
Akij Group diversified their business in Food & Beverage industry because in Bangladesh we have 14 corers people. It is large market size to serve and food is required continually for the population. Akij food & beverage want to serve quality food for their target market.
In chips industry, there are many local & foreign companies. Akij want to be local unique chips producer with the same quality of foreign company. For this purpose AFBL produces chips for young target group who like to live styli’s life. Main slogan of AFBL is “Brings Quality in Life”.
AFBL has its own marketing & sales department in Akij chamber. The functions of this department are very wide and dynamic. Main functions performed by this department are:
* Product development
* Raw material sourcing
* Find out or create market for its product
* Price set up
* Packaging development
* Developing communication strategy
* Preparing sales forecast
* Maintain sales management in the field
* Keeping record of sales and stock
* Collection & analysis of competitors information Beside these, it performs a number of activities to conduct their day‐to‐day business. Under marketing & sales department, a Brand team performs the key role of real marketing.
Product Category | Brand Name | Outputs product size |
Cola | Mojo | 150ml can, 250ml pet and can,500ml pet, 1 liter pet, 2 liter pet. |
Cloudy lemon | Lemu | 150ml can, 250ml pet and can,500ml pet, 1 liter pet, 2 liter pet. |
Clear lemon | Clemon | 250ml pet and can 500ml pet, 1 liter pet, and 2 liter pet. |
Energy drink | Speed | 250ml pet and can |
Drinking water | Spa | 500ml pet, 1 liter pet, 2 liter pet |
Juice | Frutika(Mango, Red grape, Red orange) | 250ml pet, 1 liter. |
Milk | Farm fresh UHT milk | ½ liter tetra pack. |
Malt Beverage | Wild Brew | 250ml can |
Snacks | Cheeky Monkey | 15 and 30 gm Foil pack. |
| Cheese Puffs | 15 and 30 gm Foil pack. |
| O’ Potato | 15and 30 gm Foil pack. |
2. Product of AFBL:
* We Can Select Our product is O’ Potato Chips:
3. Production process of snacks o’ potato chips:
4.1. Flow chart:
* How goods are produced:
Transformationprocess |
Land Goods/
Labor Services
Control Feed |
4.2. Step of potato chips production process:
Destining & Washing |
Peeling |
Slicing |
Washing |
Blanching |
Dewatering |
Frying |
Inspection |
Flavoring |
Cooling |
Packaging |
O’ Potato chips
3. 3. Briefly describe of the flow point:
* Control Feed: An elevator is used for transmitting large quantity of potatoes into the feeder. Because properly maintain & time wise controlling is the most important factors of the production process. This process will be finish 2.5 minutes.
* Destining & Washing: The potato destining and cleaning machine are used to wash and destining them automatically. This process will be finish 4 minutes.
* Peeling: After the finished potatoes are destining and cleaning enough for further processing. The peeling process will be finishing 1.5 minute.
* Slicing: Then it is the peeling lines that peel the well-formed ones and send them to slicing machine. The blades are stainless steel and specially designed to slice them averagely. This process will be finish 1.7 minutes.
* Washing: After completing the slicing step washing process will be continued consequently. This process will be finish 3.5 minutes.
* Blanching: Blanching is a necessary part in processing vegetables and fruits as it can protect their natural flavor from being broken. This process will be finish 0 .5 minutes.
* Dewatering: Dewatering is prepared for the frying part. The dewatered potato strips are low in moisture and easy to fry. It takes 1.00 minute to be finished.
* Frying: Frying is an important step. The edible oil temperature should be around180℃; when the potato chips become golden and soft, they should be fished out. Just grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late. This process will be finish 2.5 minutes.
* Inspection: Inspection means this feed checked up when finished those previous steps & prepared for the next step, this process will be finish 2.2 minutes.
* Flavoring: The following is flavoring. Customers can season diversified flavors totally according to their own intentions. This process will be finish 3.4 minutes.
* Cooling: At the end of the trough, a wire mesh belt pulls out the hot chips. As the chips move along the mesh conveyer belt, excess oil is drained off and the chips begin to cool. They then move under an optical sorter that picks out any burnt slices and removes them with puffs of air. This process will be finish 1.3 minutes.
* Packaging: A primary concern for packaging is to ensure long shelf life of the finished product. From a process control viewpoint, ensuring that the weight of packaged snacks potato chips is as close to but certainly above the value specified on the package has obvious economics implications. This process will be finish 0.8 minutes.
1. The chips are conveyed to a packaging machine with a scale. As the pre-set weight of chips is measured, a metal detector checks the chips once more for any foreign matter such as metal pieces that could have come with the potatoes or been picked up in the frying process.
2. The bags flow down from a roll. A central processing unit (CPU) code on the bag tells the machine how many chips should be released into the bag. As the bag forms, (heat seals the top of the filled bag and seals the bottom of the next bag simultaneously) gates open and allow the proper amount of chips to fall into the bag.
3. The filling process must be accomplished without letting an overabundance of air into the bag, while also preventing the chips from breaking. Many manufacturers use nitrogen to fill the space in the bags. The sealed bags are conveyed to a collator and hand-packed into cartons. This process will be finish 5.0 minutes.
3. 4. Chart:
Task | Task Time | Immediate Follower |
Control Feed (a) | 2.5 | Destining & Washing (b) |
Destining & Washing (b) | 4 | Peeling (c) |
Peeling (c) | 1.5 | Slicing (d) |
Slicing (d) | 1.7 | Washing (e) |
Washing (e) | 3.5 | Blanching (f) |
Blanching (f) | 0.5 | Dewatering (g) |
Dewatering (g) | 1.0 | Frying (h) |
Frying (h) | 2.5 | Inspection (i) |
Inspection (i) | 2.2 | Flavoring (j) |
Flavoring (j) | 3.4 | Cooling (k) |
Cooling (k) | 1.3 | Packaging (L) ,(O),(P),(Q) |
Packaging (L) | 0.8 | Packing(M), Leveling(N), Sealing(O) |
Packing(M), Leveling(N), Sealing(O) | 5.0 | End |
Total = | 29.9 | |
4.5. Precedence diagram
Packing (M)
Leveling (N)
Sealing (O)
4. Drawbacks:
* Cholesterol is not soluble in the blood so it has to be transported by attaching to lipoproteins in the blood.
* The two important types of lipoproteins are known as low density and high density lipoproteins.
* Low density lipoproteins (LDL) transport cholesterol away from the liver for use in the functions described above.
* However, when there is too much LDL cholesterol it tends to stick to the artery walls. This is known as thickening arteries or atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can cause high blood pressure as the volume of the arteries is decreased. It can lead to blood clots if there are blockages in the arteries. This can lead to a stroke. Ultimately, too much cholesterol leads to heart disease.
* High density lipoproteins (HDL) are responsible for transporting cholesterol back to the liver where it is excreted. LDL cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is known as good cholesterol. The aim of anyone with a high cholesterol reading is to reduce LDL and increase HDL.
* This can be done be modifying eating habits so that more fiber is eaten. Eat less carbohydrates and the right type of fats. Saturated and Trans fats are out. Take on regular exercise to utilize excess calories consumed and to work the body.
5. Forecasting: Food technicians are using computer programs to design a crunchier chip. Upper- and lower-wave forms are fed into the computer at varying amplitudes, frequencies, and phases. The computer then spits out the corresponding models. Researchers are also working on genetically engineered potatoes with less sugar content since it is the sugar that produces brown spots on chips.
Forecasting means declare the future based on previous year data. The total production of Akij Groups O’ Potato was 1000000 packets in 2011. The total income was 11000000 tk. in 2011. The company now wishes to produce 1800000 packets in 2012.
6. Opinion:
The Akij group is one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh. It consists of 14 big companies with diverse activities and different products. AFBL Company used in latest technology and first better service to the customer. The customer satisfaction level of the O’ potato chips are very good. For this reason every year AFBL company changes its policy for better service to his customer and better life lead of his employees. Here all employees are very highly educated and well technician’s team with diversified there product in our country & other country. The Akij group started it’s with jute trading which is known as the golden fiber of Bangladesh. The dynamic management and support from customers led the group diversified its business activities. Whereas recent research has demonstrated the impact of AFBL product ratings and reviews on product sales, we still have a limited understanding of the group decision to contribute these opinions. In this survey, we empirically model the group decision to provide a product rating and investigate factors that influence this decision. Specifically, we consider how previously posted ratings may affect an group posting behavior in terms of whether to contribute (incidence) and what to contribute (evaluation), and we identify selection effects that influence the incidence decision and adjustment effects that influence the evaluation decision. These dynamics affect the evolution of product opinions. Through simulations, we illustrate how the evolution of posted product opinions is shaped by the underlying customer base and show that customer bases with the same median opinion may evolve in substantially different ways because of the presence of a core group of “activists” posting increasingly negative opinions.
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