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Last year on my 22nd birthday I got the best surprise in one of my favorite cities San Francisco, California. It all started with waking up to Taylor Swift’s song “I’m feeling 22” and happily dancing and singing along to the music. The weekend was already special because my younger sister was visiting from the Bay area and my Grandmother and Grandfather were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. My sister Sarah, my longtime boyfriend TJ and I started off our Sunday adventure around 7 o’clock in the morning, right after we got Starbucks of course. We were making our way from Antelope, which is in the Greater Sacramento area, to San Francisco to enjoy a day of adventuring. The journey there was full of laughter and music, along with site seeing all the beautiful scenery around. I am a frequent visitor to the City so we decided to go to the beach where we always do, right off of Ocean Beach by the Cliff House restaurant. Like we had done many times before we hiked down the cliff and walked around the old building foundations. The old structure filled with water so we walk on the cement beams around and across careful not to fall in the water with all the seagulls and seaweed. So that part is always fun and almost dangerous at the same time! We finally make our way across after helping one another on the more difficult spots but still having a great time. The next part of our journey was to a cave that ended at the ocean with rocks and waves. In the middle of the cave there was a spot where you could see the ocean coming under you and that part was always very wet which caused the whole cave to be on the muddy side. It was a pretty chilly day in San Francisco so we were all in sweatshirts and jeans. At this point we were lucky because there no other people and we got to enjoy the view with each other. At the end of the cave there is a chain so you know it is dangerous and not to pass it. Then there are huge rocks and boulders and if the time of day is right you get to catch big waves crashing against the earth. Sarah, TJ and I were just standing there taking occasional pictures and enjoying the view when out of nowhere TJ says to us “Alright time to sing Happy Birthday”. So I thought okay this makes sense but is a little random. They sing and as soon as they finish TJ tell me to Turn around and close my eyes and wait there, so I do as he says not knowing what to expect! Then he starts talking, saying all these wonderful things about me and our relationship. Then I get a little nervous because if you know him you know he is quite the joker. But then he finally proposes and asks if I will marry him, and I turned around with light speed to see if he was serious. He was very serious and I said “Oh my gosh, Of course YES!” then he slipped the ring on my left ring finger and it fit perfectly. I wished I could freeze that moment in time and go back as many times as I wanted, we hugged and were just blissfully happy. Sarah then told me she had no idea that was going to happen but did get some pictures last minute as it happened. TJ got mud all over his knee from the cave floor, but told me he was so nervous and I said “what for? I have been waiting for years to say yes!” Eventually we hiked back up the hill and decided to get some sandwiches for lunch. We ended our trip with visiting the Exploratorium and the pier. That was one of the best days of my life so far, and I can not thank my sister and my fiancé enough for making that happen for me. Since this day time has flew by and in 9 short months I will be marrying my best friend with all my loved ones close by.

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