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Marine Corp Leadership

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Marine Corp Leadership Traits
The Marine Corp of the United States is the part of the United States Armed Force responsible to provide protection from the sea using the navy, for them as for any business the leadership traits are now priority, their importance come from the fact that each marine need to understand the importance of leadership traits and how to develop them so they can become good leaders and followers, for a marine the most important traits are: Justice, judgment, dependability, initiative, decisiveness, tact, integrity, enthusiasm, bearing, unselfishness, courage, knowledge, loyalty, and endurance.

When it comes to Marine Corp or a Manager, in mine believes the four most important traits would be Integrity, Decisiveness, Dependability, and Courage or Enthusiasm. You need the integrity because the leader have to be an example and their teammates has to be able to seek up to him, and trust that he would always do the right thing even when no one is looking, to trust his dedication, commitment, ethics and values so he can be the right role model, the one that others one to follow.

When it comes to decisiveness in work or in the field, you would need to take decision quickly, and your co-workers or teammates would depend on you to take the right decision at the right time, you need to take the decisions even when they’re tough and you have to think about your safety and the others safety. Basically they need to trust that when you’re face with a decision you will make the decision, because the worst decision you can make is not to take one.

Is also important for you to be someone others can count in, there’s a lot of risks in everything for that reason in order to make a better work you need to learn to depend on each other, people will depend on you to do the right thing, and you will need to count on them to have your back as they will...

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