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Marine Terminal Operation

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Distance Education Course ML–302.5

Marine Terminal Operations

Unit 1 Marine Terminals
The three lessons in this unit will cover the topics of:

the role and function of marine terminals

terminal development

operational planning

civil engineering aspects of terminal design.

Module B: Certificate in Maritime Logistics
Diploma in Shipping Logistics—Jamaica Maritime Institute


Unit 1: Marine terminals

Marine Terminal Operations

Unit 1 ...........Activities and expectations
To complete this unit, you will:

Read and study the text in this unit and any assigned passages in the Student Reader.

Apply the information by performing the Activities

Test yourself by doing the Practice Exercises and checking your answers. Resources
There is no textbook for this course. All the information you require is in this Study Guide. In addition, your Student Manual lists some books that you may wish to read to expand your knowledge.

Learning outcomes
When you have completed this unit you will be able to:

Explain some of the considerations in equipment selection.

Discuss the needs for storage areas.

Discuss safety and emergency response considerations.


Describe the role and functions of marine terminals.

List the broad categories of studies that are needed in planning a new terminal.

Module B: Certificate in Maritime Logistics (Course ML-302.5)
Diploma in Shipping Logistics—Jamaica Maritime Institute

Unit 1: Marine terminals

Marine Terminal Operations

Lesson 1...... Introduction to marine terminals Roles
The possible roles of a marine terminal are to:

service a country

service an urban area

service a hinterland

service a specific industrial process

be part of a...

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