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Mary and her husband, Dimitri lived in a tiny village in southern Greece. One of Mary’s prize possessions was a little white lamb which her husband had given her. She kept it tied to a tree in a field to a tree in a field during the day and went to fetch it evening. One evening how, the lamb was missing. The rope had been cut, so it was obvious that the lamp had been stolen.
When Dimitri came in from the fields, his wife told him what had happened. Dimitri at once set out to find the thief. He knew it would not prove difficult in such a small village.
After telling several of his friends about the theft, Dimitri found out that his neighbor, Aleko had suddenly acquired a new lamb. Aleko denied taking it and led dimitri into his backyard. It was true he had just bought a lamb; he explained, but his lamb was black. Ashamed of having acted so rashly, Dimitri apologized to aleko for having accused him. While they were talking, it began to rain and Dimitri stayed in Aleko’s house until the rain stopped. When he went outside half and hour later, he was astonished to find that the little black lamb was almost white. Its wool, whick had been dyed black, had been washed clean by the rain.
(a) What happened one evening when Dimitri was away from home? (b) What did Dimitri do when he came to know that the lamb was missing?

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