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Week 5 Assignment
John Gaudino
University of Phoenix
BS/COM 100
New Business Analysis

Gatorade is named after the Gators of Florida in the 1960's when a team of researchers were looking for something to help the football team. The team was suffering on the field from playing in the extreme heat. The coaching staff went to their crack team of scientists to figure out what they could do to help keep their team fresh during the crucial 4th quarter. Their solution was Gatorade and the product is still the number one sports drink in the world. Millions of athletes from all walks of life continue to use the product to get that extra boost. Is there a way to expend though? How can Gatorade's numbers grow even greater? Tapping into the social media realm to me is the way to go.
Forms of media such as newspapers, magazines and even television to a certain point are dead forms of marketing. How often to see someone reading the newspaper or reading a magazine? There are reasons that most papers and publications have "E-books" of their content because this isn't 1985 anymore. Computers, Tablets, and Phones are the new way to market. Tapping into that market is the key to growing what is already a global product. Even television is a lost art in the world of marketing because of the introduction of DVR. Some services like Hulu Plus and Netflix will force viewers to watch an ad before continuing the programing. I am not saying to completely clean the slate of TV ads but more ad dollars need to be pushed into the digital age.
The first thing to do is to offer 50% off their next bottle of Gatorade for anyone who downloads the new Gatorade app. The app will be for IPhone, Droid and any smartphone. It will allow people to enter Gatorade experiences and participate in drawings for free products. You want your app to be exciting and…...

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