Market Analysis Coca Cola

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Market Analysis Coca Cola
Market Size
Coca Cola is one of the leading beverage companies in Pakistan. It covers the large market segment. From the facts it is revealed that the market for coca cola as mentioned in the SWOT analysis segment is encouraging. It is the second largest usage in Pakistan. Still it has a great potential in Pakistan market. It focusers on it deficiencies and try to over come it than it will definitely grow more than any other beverage company in Pakistan. So it has a large margin for growth.

Growth rate Coca Cola
In Pakistan market the growth rate is 22% which is a significant rate. Similarly In Asia region the amount of revenues which company earn is 5052 dollar.

Market Share
Coca cola has doubled its market share in Pakistan, in recent years its market share was 16% but in 2007 its market share increased up to 36%, on the other hand its competitors share is going down day by day.
Coca Cola is world leader in beverages, and is on the way to success in Pakistan and has crossed the Pepsi last year..

Major factors influencing the level of demand of the product
There are a lot of factors that affect the demand of the product. The list of these factors is given below
· Price
Price is the major factor that affects the demand of the product. If the price Is not suitable to the consumers or customers than they will switch of the product.
· Quality
If a company provides the quality services or products than the demand of the product also increases. In the quality of the product the consistency in the performance of the product is very important.
· Supply
Supply and the demand of the product are the market forces and played the main role in the product demand. If the supply of the product decreased than in some cases the demand of the product increase as well as the price f the product can also increased.…...