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Market Analysis for Gillette Proglide

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Product and Market Analysis for the
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Disposable Razor

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Blade is a product that is positioned in the men’s hair removal niche. This product is primarily targeted at males age 18-50, in other words any male that is of age to grow facial hair. They are marketed for individuals in the middle income range due to it not being a one-use disposable blade. Gillette is not a high end single blade razor either. These razors do not have a specific race or ethnicity that is targeted and education is also not a specific target for this product, although specific jobs and occupations require more grooming than others.
The popularity and trends of facial hair has been an up and down roller coaster throughout the years. The current trends in the men’s shaving market are that beards and stubble are on the rise and other body hair is on the decline. This is the reason why men's facial hair shaving will no longer be the largest men's grooming category. Predictions are that by 2013, men's toiletries will be earning the same amount as men's shaving products, which attributes to the decline in razors and blades in men's shaving sales. Procter & Gamble, which owns both Gillette and Schick, has taken a recent hit with unit sales of Schick razors and dropped 10%. This decline is related to the current popularity of stubble, the growing acceptance of beards in the work place, and the fact that shaving and razors continue to grow more expensive each year.
Shaving has become less frequent and the desire for low priced razors has become the norm in Western Europe and America. Ultimately though, the men's shaving industry will most likely bounce back. Now that the current trend is stubble and/or beards, there will be a growth in manual and battery-operated trimmers, beard and mustache dyes, styling gels, and...

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