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Market Orientation

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The core business of my company is ship management, the parent company owns a fleet of seventy ships and charters an equal number, majorly comprising of oil tankers and bulk carriers. The fleet management of the owned tonnages are carried out from offices based in Rome&Singapore. The chartering and pre- post fixture operations of the owned & chartered tonnages are carried out from shipping business hubs across various time zones like Singapore , Dubai, Monte Carlo , London, Stamford .For our owned tonnages we are a functional department for the chartering division who are marketing the ships. As ship managers we market our expertise on third party ship management to other ship-owners. We are also involved in new ship building consultancy services which need the marketing of our technical expertise. The economic crisis of 2008 and the ongoing euro zonecrisishave changed the global economic landscape,affecting trade and movement of goods along major shipping routes. Economic slowdown compounded with surplus global tonnage have put ship owners, financers, investors, creditors and other participants in the market in a state of disarray with questions of bankruptcy and restructuring engulfing them. As no immediate market recovery is projected, shipping companies are trying to develop new strategies to remain competitive and as well achieve better performance.Theproven pathway to achieve that is by developing marketing and marketing orientation. Marketing in merchant shipping activities is essentially B2B , where the customer orientation involves the satisfaction of owner, charter - shipper needs for...

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...demographics. Tesco provides banking, insurance and telecommunications services as well as having a strong online presence. Tesco is a business that puts people first, ensuring its customers and colleagues are at the heart of everything it does. ‘Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Our success depends on people: the people who shop with us and the people who work with us. Earning customer loyalty is crucial and Tesco focuses to helping customers in lots of small ways which together can make a big difference. ‘Every little helps’ is more than just a slogan. It describes Tesco’s way of working with all of its stakeholders, and that includes colleagues as well as customers. Tesco works in a competitive market where products, stores, tastes and even the way customers shop are constantly changing. Tesco needs to be proactive in preparing to face these changes. This means finding talented people who will be ambassadors for the brand in the communities it serves. Diverse communities mean that it needs to recruit and train people who reflect this diversity, so that all sections of society are included. This case study looks at how Tesco benefits by focusing on diversity and inclusion in its employment strategies. 1. Describe what the meant diversity and equality? Equality * Equality is treating people fairly and making sure that everyone is given a fair chance and that their individual needs are...

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