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Market Research Project for Hangyo

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Prepared for
Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd.
Mangalore – 575003
Karnataka, India

Prepared by
Group T2
Section 4
MNCN – 2
T. A. Pai Management Institute - 576104

March 26, 2014

Letter of Transmittal

March 26, 2014 F.S. Miranda
Hangyo Ice Creams Private Ltd.
Hampankatta, Mangalore
Karnataka 575001

Dear Mr. Miranda
As agreed in our meeting on February 13,2014, we are submitting the attached report entitled market research for Hangyo Ice Creams.
This report examines the most preferred new ice-cream flavor in the market and its related parameters .This report illustrates the research method to find the viability and choice of a new flavor, its packaging and pricing for Hangyo Ice creams from within the regular customer pool in Manipal, Udupi and Mangalore.
I hope you find this report satisfactory.

Sincerely yours,
Anish Sengupta
Deepanwita Nandi
Navonil Rahut
Neha Poddar
Sourav Mohapatra

T. A. Pai Management Institute
Manipal 576104


The project was a success mainly due to the contributions from a number of people. First and foremost, we take this opportunity to thank Prof. Sridhar Telidevara, the faculty guide for the project, for his continuous support and valuable insights without which the project would not have been successful.
We are also thankful to all the faculty members of T. A. Pai Management Institute for their guidance and co-operation in all the stages of the project.
A special word of thanks also goes out to our friends, seniors and colleagues at TAPMI who helped us in conducting this research, for being all that they are, a steadfast source of optimism and reassurance. Without their active support and involvement, this project would not have materialized.



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