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Definition of marketing strategy
The marketing strategy involve the planning and management of the marketing resources and the addition of the marketing combine to achieve a desired result in the markets selected for targeting by the business. In addition the business offers are adapted through marketing strategy in terms of pricing, product line, distribution, communication elements to match the reception of value of target market, research, development finance and production and human resources strategies are developed at the functional level. According to the above theory apply with service and consumer goods markets leaders apply following strategy to improve their product and service sales. On the other hand markets leaders do target market research, selective market brand advertising agencies, new media and retail partners to achieve target sales.
The role of the marketer’s means recognized market opportunities and understands consumer behaviour. Therefore company can adapt their behaviour according to this information further marketers role depends on the experience, knowledge and education level. Therefore marketers know how price work how advertising work and the world trend, market and consumer beavered. On the other hand company marketing people know and help to understand consumer needs and how to convert to wants using market research and understand in this target market which product and service we need to produce how to price compare with competitors reduce cost etc. In addition marketers actioned help to increase and expand physical and mental availability for their brands. As a example Coca Cola if they want to introduce 100ml coca- cola can first they do market research and find out target market via use special marketers. After that they decide how to attract new product to target market now they use advertising, product campaign, sponsorship...

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