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MIB International Marketing Kone MonoSpace Case (for week 8 in-class discussion)
For your consideration, but don't limit your exploration, analysis & recommendations to: This is a complex case with a lot of moving parts. It is usually used in the 2nd year of a 2-year MBA program, and often in either the capstone strategy course or an upper level marketing course. We are going to try to limit our analysis and discussion to a few of the key issues. You are not limited to addressing the questions found below, rather include anything else you feel to be important.

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How important is this product launch in Germany for Kone? What are the implications for the company and it's future? What can be learned and applied from the prior launches in the 3 other countries? How does Germany's market differ and what approaches can be used to better ensure success there? This is a new product, and quite different from existing products. Different is not always better, and some markets are sometimes slow to adopt innovation. Summarize the new features and benefits for each market segment and DMU. How would you position the MonoSpace for launch in the German market? Which (who) are the major customer segments you think will respond favorably? Closely related, how would you price it? What are your pricing objectives and goals? (this is the heart of the case, explain and justify your choices here) How might Kone's competitors react to this product launch (based on your pricing and positioning recommendations)? How would you then react to their expected reactions? (like in Chess, it is best to think and plan for several moves in advance). Based on your positioning and pricing recommendations, propose an effective marketing and sales program to support and launch this new product in Germany. Pay close attention to the Decision Making Units you will be communicating with.


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