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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Founded in 1993 and headquartered in New York City, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. are a global publisher, developer and distributor of interactive entertainment. Take-Two also distributes software, hardware and accessories in North America through its Jack of All Games subsidiary. The company has approximately 2,100 employees working in 15 countries, and Take-Two’s common stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol TTWO. The company markets its interactive entertainment for customers here in the United States and internationally. They offer their products under the labels, including Rock star Games; and 2K, which publishes its titles under 2K Games, 2K Sports, and 2K Play. It also develops and publishes action and adventure products under the Grand Theft Auto brand, as well as other franchises. Take Two’s products are designed for console gaming systems, such as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Wii which is a handheld gaming systems that consist of DS, 3DS, and PlayStation Portable and personal computers including smart phones and tablets. The delivery of its products is done through physical retail, digital download, online platforms, and cloud streaming services. The company sells its software titles to retail outlets in North America, Europe, and Asia through direct relationships with retail customers and third-party distributors. As a leader in its field of gaming, Take-Two has global reach, with publishing and diffusion operations located in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Australia, and Japan. The company offers products; either created internally or acquired finished third party developers, for all major game consoles. Take-Two’s distribution subsidiary, Jack of All Games, is Americas top console game distributor, marketing to such major customers as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, Blockbuster, and Amazon. In recent historic period Take-Two has established a presence in online multi-player gaming, which promises to be a future growth area in the highly aggressive gaming industry.

MARKET OPPORTUNITY/TTI STRATEGIC OPTIONS For a company to succeed and grow in the video game industry depends on the CEO, and how he or she applies strategic leadership. Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction for the growth and success of an interactive company like Take Two’s. Poor strategic leadership could lead the company straight toward failure while performing good strategic leadership will lead the company to success and growth. Brant, former CEO of Take Two, is an example of poor strategic leadership by falsifying business records and Feder, current CEO, is an example of strong strategic leadership. Take Two’s current mission is to remain an industry leader in gaming and interactive software.
Identification of Problem
Take Two’s current mission is to improve and remain an industry leader in the Video gaming industry.
Alternative Solutions 1. Expand product line of games past console video gaming. 2. Increase advertising efforts in hopes of increased awareness, resulting in increased market share. 3. Increase the ease of the customer interface so that product is marketable to older, less tech-savvy generations. 4. Introduce, develop and innovate new features like applications on mobile devices and tablets. 5. Maintain low cost structure and find ways to mitigate other costs to keep costs lower than competitors such as X-box, Wii and PlayStation 3. 6. Try to remove other small competitors from the market by attacking their weak advertising and capitalizing from their lack of brand recognition. 7. Merge or partner with other small firms to gain market share. 8. Expand aggressively into international markets, specifically Europe and other areas. 9. Build a recognizable brand image that is difficult to compete with.

Industry Attractiveness Market Size and Growth Rate: Industry segment is in the developed stage with rapid growth and takeoff.
Number of Rivals: Major rivals - SONY, NINTENDO and MICROSOFT holds certain percentage of the gaming industry and these rivals dominates the industry almost the same way Take Two does.

Scope of Competitive Rivalry: Most of these competitors, especially major competitors, compete on a multinational and global scale like Take Two.

Product Innovation: The gaming industry is characterized by rapid product innovation with a large importance on research and development. Thorough new developments and innovations will hopefully lead to opportunities to overtake key rivals by being the first to market with next-generation developments. Demand-Supply Conditions: There are quite a few competitors causing the industry to become somewhat overcrowded.

Pace of Technological Change: Advancing technology plays a large role in this industry as the industry itself exists as a result of technological changes. Strong technical capabilities are not essential because of the structure of the internet and the fact that no one owns the internet; however technical capabilities are greatly advantageous because they will give Take Two more control over the quality of its innovations. Ongoing upgrades to social gaming will be essential due to rapidly advancing technologies from its competitors.

Swot Analysis
When using a SWOT analysis for a certain company, it is important to be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses to help determine where the company is today and where it will be in the future. SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. .The strengths and weaknesses are called the internal factors while opportunities and threats are external factors. With Take Two, SWOT analysis is used to plan and focus on key issues relating to their competitors.

Take two’s current strategy - How well is it working?
Take two’s strategy is to lead the video gaming industry. They are pursuing various emerging platforms. The company’s two major competitors have chosen different paths and this challenge has therefore made take two take a decision to navigate through the digital transition that its competitors is taking thereby recognizing that their primary strategy is to do so organically through its brand.

Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan

Take two realizes that the significance and position of its brand helps tremendously in its way of trying to accomplish in its success. The company understands that lack of a brand position significantly result in the wastage of marketing efforts, and may produce negative effects on its products. In the video gaming industry, products and firms can be overlooked by consumers, resulting in the loosing of market share and leaving space for competitors. Therefore the best marketing strategy in my opinion for take two is that, marketers must try to convey all benefits and advantages that are appropriate for targeting the market. As positioning strategies render effects on success of the firm and long term financial survival, the company should seek to find some appropriate positioning techniques that direct them in the selection of suitable strategies for company positioning.
Since the video gaming industry is changing each day. Telecommunication technology has changed the way people communicate by making the world a small global community. Since the invention of the World Wide Web and mobile phones, communicating has become easier and faster. This development has been instrumental in the development of business. So from my point of view, Take two company’s marketing should adopt a level with the entry of the social networks.
With this said, I suggest that take two should have accounts on almost all social media websites such as facebook, twitter and others. This will help the company a lot in marketing it products. To have an effective social media marketing the company needs to analyze and determine what market they will be targeting and what kind of data is available to identify the factors that are important to the company to achieve the goals desired.
The best way the company can effectively start taking advantage of social media is by setting goals, outline a strategy and learn how to best reach the target audience. Then, it would have to pick the right tools and metrics aligned with those goals. Take two needs to define their objectives according to the business goals. They need to listen and learn from their customers to meet customer needs. Learning to understand the people they want to reach, they can develop a personal base on what they already know as well as the information they already have based on the video gaming industry. Another aspect is that it will gather all video gaming customers of the company together and allows them to interact with one another, create an identity and communicate their interest for the set of games and products. So with the massive use of social media, the customers loyalty would also in turn promote take two’s brand and raise awareness amongst other possible customers. Through these social media outlets take two will gain an online presence rapidly and allow them to reach their target audience regardless of which part of the world they reside in.
The use of facebook, twitter and this online blogs will prove to provide a large influence on take two’s customers. Take two can run contests on facebook. People enjoy getting free things and take two can take advantage of that simple fact. The use of this contest can also be a great way to talk latest games and getting the customers interested in making purchases. Talking about social media, the company should make sure that it enables all important features on its choice of social media sites. A large percentage of its customers are likely to spend time on their favorite social media sites daily. So therefore, it will be in the best interest of take two to offer them quick and easy access to new and developing content of its video games.…...

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