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Key elements in the marketing mix are Product where it offered to the market to satisfy those needs and wants. Besides, Sony has been expended their business globally as they are able to innovates their product to get fully satisfied by everyone. By adding to that, the company also able to provides a unique customer service to satisfy consumers needs and wants.

Nowadays, customer is more likely to look at a product quality rather than the price paid off. The consumer is more demanding to a valuable product which can last for years and also to the reasonable price. Thus, Sony have been innovated/ add value into the Sony product like the models of Sony 50” W800B Bravia 3D TV. This model have a unique functions which include 3D, Internet, and HD and so on. By this, the customer will have the feels like having the model/product in a high standard.

The product in the marketing mix have a tangible product and service. Sony company have a tangible products which consumer can look, touch, and feel the elements of the Sony products. Product decision is all based on the brand name, styling, quality, safety, packaging and etc. Customer always look for a new and improve things. For example, like Sony TV 50”W800B Bravia 3D TV.

Place (Distribution).
The place means location in the marketing mix tools. It means that the products have to be in the right place at the right time. The delivery channel must be able to deliver the products when and where they are supposed to be. It focuses on making the product available in adequate quantities at place where the customer are normally expected to shop for them to satisfy their needs.

Distribution Channel;
It depending on the nature of the products to make a decision by the marketing management to place into an exclusive, selective and intensive network of distribution....

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