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Marketing Activation Plan Flat Tv

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Global Marketing Activation plan

BU TV Marketing Owner Des Power / John Olsen

BU TV Market Inteligence & Strategy Reviewer Nils Leseberg

BU TV Market Driven Innovation Reviewer Bart de Vos

BU TV F&A Reviewer Peter Tesink

BU TV MarCom Reviewer Gary Raucher a.i.

Category TV Reviewer Arjan de Jongste, Elisabeth Hankeln, Scott Housley

BU TV Leader Approver Approved: Robert Smits

CL CMO Approver Approved: Egbert van Acht

CL CFO Approver To be approved: Paul Verhagen

CL CEO Approver To be approved: Andrea Ragnetti

Management Summary 3

1. Business Objectives 5
2. Positioning: Value Proposition House 6
3. Target Audience 8
4. Market Development & Competitor Strategies 9
5. Marketing plan 12
6 Financials 41
7 Key Performance Indicators 42
8 Risk assessment 43
9 Marketing Introduction Process (MIP plan) 44

Management Summary
This document presents the BU TV 2010 Global Marketing Activation Plan. The scope of the document is the entire Flat TV portfolio. Particular attention will be paid to the MCI Ambilight and its role in the total plan.

The overriding Business Objective of the Business Unit is to turn this business into a profitable activity for Philips. This plan is designed to deliver a positive EBIT in 2010 on the road to sustainable profitability in 2012. We will do this by focusing in 2010 on driving leading market positions (top 2) in DACH, Benelux, France, Nordic and Italy as well as driving profitable growth in Brazil, Russia and China. A big effort will be made to provide better marketing deliverables for all other markets to help improve core profitability and market position.

After careful analysis of our Purchase Funnel, an honest assessment of an updated SWOT and a reasonable expectation that external economic situation will...

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