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Marketing and Sociology Hand in Hand

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Sociology and Marketing Hand in Hand
Written By Yomna, Aiman, Anaa
To excel in business, you need more than a solid grasp of math and economics. Business requires an understanding of people -- large populations in particular. Sociology provides the educational background needed for managers to understand their employees and customers. Business leaders that understand sociology are able to anticipate customer needs and respond to employee problems in ways others cannot.
What is Sociology? Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institution. Sociology is a subject that differentiate the alternating matter of society like from race to crime, family to social class, beliefs of similar culture and it talks about the social stability to radical change in the whole societies. The study of sociology helps the individual to understand how human act and realization both shape and shaped by the surrounding culture and social structure. Sociology is an exciting and helpful field to study that evaluates and explains the important matter in our personal live, our communities and the world. For our personal lives sociology studies the social cause and consequences of things like racial and gender identity, family conflict, aging and religious. As for the society level, sociology examines and explains matters like for example prejudice and discrimination, poverty and wealth, crime and law, school and education and social movements. With the help of the 4 main sociologists we now could examine the concept of society. The 4 main sociologists are Gerhard Lenski, Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim, they helped us to see and know the different aspects of their point of view of society. Gerhard Lenski defined society by the level of technology, which means in the old day’s people use to work with handmade objects and in hunting they used to use...

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