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Apple Inc; formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. was established on April 1st of 1976 in Cupertino, California. Apple Inc is a multinational corporation that markets and designs electronics, computer software, and computer hardware. Apple I was the first product created and shown to the public at the “Homebrew Computer Club’, then unveiled Apple II, Lisa, PowerBook 100 (the first portable computer), Newton Message Pad (first handheld device), a new line of Macintosh Computers (G3), and IMac. To switch gears from just improving the styles, features and designs of the traditional personal computer, the company wanted to reflect on marketing consumer electrics.

In 2001 Apple Inc officially opened their first Retail Stores and introduced the iPod; a palm –sized digital music player. Since the successful sales and request of the IPod, Apple opened iTunes Store (an app that allows users to buy and download music, movies, videos and audio books). In 2007 Apple Inc unveiled the iPhone, Apple TV, and IPod Touch, in 2008 App Store (a update to iTunes), adding small features since as games and social/ business tools. With in the last couple of months, Apple has introduce the latest products; the iPad 2 (a sleeker, lighter version of the original iPad, and other features) and iPhone 4s.

For many of companies the main marketing strategy is to create and promote a product to increase sales and to achieve a comparative advantage between other companies. Apple Inc uses these approaches also but with a twist; they don’t build their products based on what people want, they built off of what they (Apple) want to built no matter how much it may cost. They turn simple designs into something beautiful; details to include “edge to edge glass”, a “tapered pedestal”, redesigned speakers, etc. With the benefits, features and designs they produce customer are willing to pay the premium...

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