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Case 2.1 How a Stadium Becomes Part of a Marketing Strategy
February 26, 2012
Jane Smith

A sports stadium plays an important role in the marketing of sport’s teams. The stadium develops and displays that teams image and reputation. The team must play well, along with having a good home stadium.
If Team A’s stadium is dirty and rundown with broken equipment and poor selections of food, then fans will be less likely to spend money to attend the games at the stadium. In order to have a successful stadium, you must invest time and money into it to make it enjoyable. Team B’s stadium has new and clean equipment and gourmet menu items. The prices are higher but they still have more fans because the experience is more enjoyable.
Fans do not mind spending more money when they are getting a better experience for their money. A sports team will also need to play well in order for fans to be willing to spend money and travel to see their games. The appearance and feel of the stadium is almost as important as how well the team plays.

Question 1:
"How would you describe the target market for the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium? Do you think marketers are targeting the right consumers? Why or Why not?"

The cowboys are marketing football fans and their families. The new stadium makes it appealing for the whole family to spend the day at the game. The Cowboys’ are offering a variety of choices in good food and entertainment options. I think that they are doing a good job making a visit to the stadium fun for the whole family.

Question 2:
"How does the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium fit into an overall marketing mix, in terms of product and pricing strategies?”

The new stadium reinforces that the Cowboys are a good team and they have a good stadium with a good atmosphere. It is of course still important for the Cowboys to win games. The new stadium…...