Marketing Case Study - Blitzmegaplex vs 21cineplex

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BlitzMegaplex vs. 21Cineplex

The main issue of this case study talks about how BlitzMegaplex is trying to figure out new marketing strategies in order to get a balanced competition with the long-time market leader in cinemas industry, 21Cineplex.
First of all, let’s talk about what BlitzMegaplex has done so far to compete with 21Cineplex. As the new market challenger in the industry, BlitzMegaplex had to define its strategic objective and opponents. It is clear that their opponent is the long-time market leader 21Cineplex and their objective is to attack them. Of course it was not easy to break through the industry. Therefore, BlitzMegaplex has implemented several general attack strategies in order to do so, such as:

* Frontal attack
21Cineplex has the upper hand since its cinemas can be found on almost every shopping mall in Indonesia. BlitzMegaplex tries to compete with them by opening up their cinemas on some of the biggest and prestigious shopping malls on Jakarta and Bandung, such as Paris Van Java, Grand Indonesia, Central Park, Mall of Indonesia, Pacific Place, Teraskota, and Bekasi Cyber Park.
BlitzMegaplex plays current popular national & Hollywood movies, just like 21Cineplex does. In addition, people can find independent movies on BlitzMegaplex, while they wouldn’t find them on 21Cineplex.

* Flank attack
BlitzMegaplex offers more comfort and luxury by having several different classes of auditorium: Regular Class, Satin Class, Velvet Room, and Dining Room. This can be considered as a flanking attack because BlitzMegaplex creates gaps for 21Cineplex to fulfill, considering 21Cineplex didn’t have such various and extravagant auditoriums aimed like…...