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SweetWater case analysis-
Executive summary:
Platter, a successful designer and entrepreneur from the computer peripherals industry, soon became involved in attempting to design an improved product. This analysis examines the most important user needs in the water purifier market using Kano Model and Prototyping and what characterizes an outstanding concept for a water purification device for backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Further competitor’s products are also analysed while determining on how to go ahead with the plan.

Consumer Analysis:
The consumers for portable water filter device were backpackers, hikers, climbers and other enthusiastic recreationalists. Camping in the backwoods means those people require clean drinking water during their trip. Even if there’s ample of civilization where purified bottle water is readily and cheaply available, it’s always an advantage to have a portable water filter or purifier for those days when all the stores are closed and when you’re in a place where there is no shops available. These backpackers and hikers were educated and had a fair idea of which brand to buy. Quality mattered to them and though they were price sensitive, they afforded to spend significantly on their hobby.

User Need in water purifier market:
Firstly, the water filter must meet the essential role of filtering water to eliminate bacteria and minerals. In order to meet the user’s needs at this crucial level, a product that is easy to use and comfortable is needed. Lastly, time is a crucial problem in high level mountain climbing. An efficient water filter that is quick to filter water becomes essential.
In assessing the user needs in water purifier market, we can use the Kano Model. According to Kano model, 3 types of product requirement are: Must be requirements, One dimensional requirement and Attractive requirement.