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III. Identify the target market for your new restaurant.
Based on the analysis about the general environment of restaurant above, we decide to choose our target market is Student. To specify, those are Students in universities nearby, included students from National Economic University (NEU), Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), Hanoi Open University, high school students studying in the big examination-training center that located on Ta Quang Buu Street.
There are some main reasons for our choice. First of all, in this particular area (near Ta Quang Buu street), there is a few good restaurants. The canteen of Hanoi University of Science and Technology seems to be the biggest competitor around here. According to our observation, because serving students is the most important objective, dishes in this canteen only focus on the price - not the quality, so their meals are cheap but not delicious at all. Besides, many “sidewalk restaurants” – small competitors of our future restaurant - have various types of foods; however, the quality and hygiene are bad along with not good decorations. That’s why they are not favorite choices of students.
The size of our restaurant is small and medium, so it’s easy to start because of the starting capital is not too much and the demanding is high. In addition, the canteen has no marketing strategy. Therefore, if we are more dynamic, we can make great stride and create our own standing in this marketplace.
Furthermore, to understand our target customers in the most specific way, we also made a survey using the questionnaire with 200 students from HUST and NUCE. Below we will show you the detailed questionnaire and its the result.
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