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MBA in International Management
Course Syllabus

Course Name: International Business and Marketing

Instructor’s Name: Prof. Dr. Britta Bergemann E-mail: Class Time: 2.00PM – 8.00PM


Course Description

This course looks at international business and marketing topics in theory and practice (case studies). It aims at building students’ awareness of business and marketing mix issues in the global context, and provides the tools to manage products and brands globally.



This course offers a framework that allows students to see the big picture. After laying the foundations students will learn about the fundamentals and strategic impact of globalization on today’s business decisions, and how to position, communicate and price products globally. Along the way students will also see how companies are dealing with global marketing issues due to a wealth of case studies and examples.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have acquired: An overview of international business strategies An overview of current marketing principles and practice An in-depth understanding of the concepts required for developing and managing global markets An evaluation of the changes that have occurred in the competition for global markets A deeper look at the causes of cultural differences The ability to effectively apply analytical criteria in order to evaluate opportunities of global The ability to take global marketing decisions and manage processes involved in developing global markets, product or brand introduction

The ability to structure and report innovative concepts and ideas effectively verbally, visually and in writing The ability to appreciate alternative viewpoints The ability to conduct team work and work independently as well


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