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Case Study 3: Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens were first introduced in the commercial market in 1952 and has been gaining popularity ever since, growing to become a standard kitchen appliance in most households. However, the potential growth may have been on a standstill in the market of South-East Asia. Microwaves aren’t the first-option to cook with in India compared to European countries or the United States. The Indian culture prefers to cook in the kitchen using fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices rather than use a conventional microwave as compared to the Western culture. Some people of the culture tends to think that the dishes will taste different if it was cooked in the microwave versus the stove/oven. Microwaves are beginning to become an emerging trend in some small towns in India. So much so that the microwave oven is beginning to replace the demand for a 2nd television or bigger television.
Marketers have the challenging task of convincing the Indian consumer that microwaves are suited to not just reheat but to also cook Indian food. The target customers are middle class people living in either an urban or suburban area. They would be college graduated or higher, age 22-40 years old, with an income of over Rs 30,000. The targeted lifestyle would be for modern cooking, or a hurry-up lifestyle, or a growing family that likes to spend time together. The product should have features that would increase the likeliness of the microwave oven. It should be a compact microwave oven with a toast and grill function, the outward appearance should be user friendly with less buttons, it should include auto cooking and multi-staging cooking, it should be easy to clean after a meal is prepared and also rust free, there should be a child safety lock on it for the families with smaller children, and there should be a steam…...