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Marketing Channel Distribution

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Marketing Channel Strategy

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Eighth Edition

Marketing Channel Strategy

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...he third marketing mix tool is of importance since the success of a company depends not only on its own performance, but also on the total value chain, including the inbound, outbound and reverse (returning faulty products for example) distribution performance. Two remarks: good distribution strategies contribute strongly to create customer value companies or brands rarely compete with each other; their entire value delivery networks do ! Marketing channels: what and why? We distinguish upstream and downstream partners of a company: 

Upstream partners are the parties involved from the supplier of raw material, equipments, information, finance, components and expertise usually known as the supply chain to the company.

Downstream partners traditionally consist of all parties involved that are in between the company and the customer, traditionally known as distributors (or wholesaler and retailer) to the customer

This is however a “make-and-sell approach”. Better is to consider a “sense- and-response” approach involving all parties organized in a system (the value delivery network) in order to improve the entire system performance.
 Marketing Channels are thus a set of interdependent organizations that help make the product or service available for consumption or use by the final consumer or the business user. 
Market channel decisions: 

- affect the other mix decisions (product positioning, branding, price setting, sales force role, communications etc.) -...

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Mkt 315 Wk 4 Quiz 3 Chapters 5 & 6 approach to distribution that shortened the time consumers can purchase movies. 2. Which of the following is a false statement about the relationship between channel strategy and marketing strategy? a. Channel strategy is concerned with the place aspect of the marketing strategy. b. Channel strategy is narrower in scope than the marketing strategy. c. Channel strategy focuses on distribution objectives. d. The channel strategy is important to the firm’s overall objectives. e. The marketing channel strategy focuses on product, price, and promotion. 3. Channel strategy may be of more importance than the other strategic variables of the marketing mix and is also important to: a. The operations strategy. b. The development of the breadth of the product line. c. The firm’s overall objectives and strategies. d. The firm’s competitive position in the market place. e. The level of profits the firm achieves. 4. Which of the following is not one of the basic distribution decisions that most firms must address? a. Which individual should be chosen as channel manager b. The role distribution should play in the firm’s overall objectives and strategies c. The role distribution should play in the marketing mix d. How the firm’s channels should be designed to achieve its distribution objectives e. How channel member performance can be evaluated 5. The dynamic nature of channel management effectively mandates that to make distribution decisions, the channel manager: a.......

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